New Owners

New Owners


2017, a very busy year indeed, especially the past couple of months. The Friendship House Association of Prince Rupert has just purchased the Pioneer Guesthouse. The plan, right from the get go has been to not change the operations of the Pioneer at all. But, as everyone knows, plans always change no matter what the intentions may have been.

It’s okay, everyone can relax, the only real big changes that are to be made so far, are the name and this website. The name change isn’t huge, we are just going from the “Pioneer Guesthouse” to the “Pioneer Inn”.  For which I am thinking is not such a long stretch considering the sign on the building says “Pioneer Inn”.

The other big change that I had mentioned, the changing of the website, is due to the fallout or maybe the dust settling after the purchase. Or maybe it’s because I just lost the darn thing. Anyway I am hoping that this new site will do the trick. Everyone will need to have some patience though, as this is the first one of these things that I have had to do in house.

We are hoping that we can keep up the same level of service, (or better) that this establishment has provided over the years. So, if you have been a guest here, come see us again and bring a few friends or at the very least, put in a good word to a few friends. If you haven’t stayed here before, now is your chance, just book that room.

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